About Us

Our mission is to provide climate controlled and regular self storage space and customer service that meets all of our customers expectations all of the time.

Diamond Self Storage offers three state-of-the-art self storage buildings at their facility on Modelwood Drive in Pine Ridge. One block west of Route 491 and north of Route 486 places the facility in a location very convenient for current and future residents of the rapidly growing communities of Pine Ridge, Black Diamond, Beverly Hills, Citrus Hills, Terra Vista, and Citrus Springs.

Our light colored buildings make the steel security gates and wall-mounted video cameras very visible and provide a sense of security to tenants who can access their storage units from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm any day of the year.

Inside the facility you see a new type of door with a special high security barrel type lock and multiple climate control units on each building for systems redundancy. Little things are not so apparent like smoke alarms in the air handlers to stop the fans if any smoke is detected and a security system with a 24-hour monitoring service.